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Innovative Conveyor Concepts
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In-house Robotic Cell

Innovative Conveyor Concepts Inc. has a new in-house customer test station for testing end effectors and tooling, robotic programming, material handling integration, product testing, customer demonstrations, training, robotic simulation, etc.

In-house programming and simulation
ICC has trained robot programmers capable of basic programming, advanced programming, maintenance, concurrent I/O, robotic assembly language planning hierarchy (RALPH), task and mid-level commands, sensor programming, structured programming language (interpreter/compiler), simple motion language (assembler), and point to point language (machine), etc.

In-house testing
ICC can test all phase of robotic implementation including: end effectors, tooling, programming, integration, rates, cycles, accuracy, reliability, cell and end effector development, etc.

In-house end effector manufacturing
ICC works closely with clients to develop product/process specific end effectors. ICC research and development is dedicated to finding the best value based solution for every application.

In-house customer demonstrations
ICC can provide client's with a real world demonstration using the client's product. ICC can set-up and demonstrate an application using major components of the client's application. ICC can also provide an in-house robotic cell to demonstrate compliance to client's specifications or written expectations.

In-house training
ICC can provide in-house or on-location training. ICC training programs include: maintenance, programming, operations, safety, etc.

In-house integration
ICC can provide testing for robotic cells and cell components. Robotic cell integration testing can save the client valuable time by setting-up the cell, refining programming, and adjusting the process to meet production needs.