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Robot Types

There are five major types of robots.

1. Articulated Robots

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Articulated robots are robots with rotary joints. This type of robot can range from a simple two-joint robot to complex 10 joint robots. The word articulated means jointed. So, a non articulated robot would not have joints. Joints are often refereed to as axes.

2. SCARA Robots

Innovative Conveyor Concepts, ICC Robotics, SCARA Robots, Adept Robots, Clean Room/Pharmecudical Robots

SCARA stands for Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Articulated Robot Arm. SCARA robots are parrellel-axis jointed robots which are rigid in the 'Z' axes. The rigid 'Z' axis is why they are called selective compliant. SCARA robots are very useful for high speed operations and confined workspaces.

3. Gantry Robots (Cartesian Robots)

Innovative Conveyor Concepts, ICC Robotics, Cartesian Robots, Overhead Robots

Gantry, Cartesian, or linear robots are industrial robots whose three principle joints of control are linear. These robot joints move in a straight line rather than rotate and are at right angles to each other. This type of robot is used for CNC machine tending, milling, and large products.

4. Robot Arms/Manipulators

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Robotic arms or manipulators are programmable robots which function similar to a human arm. Arms can either be articulated with rotational movement or linear without rotational movement. Manipulators can be autonomous or manually controlled. These devices can be useful in moving heavy objects.

5. Parallel Robots

Innovative Conveyor Concepts, ICC Robotics, Adept Robots

A parallel robot is a closed loop system. The end effector is connected to a base via multiple kinematic chains. Parallel robots are very fast, light, strong, and reliable.


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