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SCARA Robots

SCARA stands for Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Articulated Robot Arm. SCARA robots are parallel-axis jointed robots which are rigid in the 'Z' axes. The rigid 'Z' axis is why they are called selective compliant. SCARA robots are very useful for high speed operations and confined workspaces.

Innovative Conveyor Concepts, Adept Parrellel Robot

Scara robots are used where speed and precision are needed. Scara applications include: pick and place, cleanroom, pharmaceuticals, sealing, dispensing, soldering, in-place gasket forming, parts assembly, etc. These type of robots are used for applications requiring circular motions like dispensing.

The advantages of a SCARA robot is that they offer the best price to performance for a high speed robot.

They are very accurate, capable of placing small parts in exact locations at high speeds.


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