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Robot ROI

A robot can be a cost effective means of accomplishing production objectives.

The cost of a robot is inexpensive in comparison to the overall cost of integration. ICC can substantially reduce the total cost of a robotic automation project. We can reduce client cost by using in-house programming, electrical and mechanical installation, service, end effector manufacturing, etc.

Manufactures and other integrators cannot compete with ICC's total project cost or complete dedication to our clients.

Robotic Rate of Return
(ROR) and Return on Investment (ROI) indicate positive or negitive cash flow from a robot to the client over a specified period of time, usually a year. ROI is a percentage return based on capital invested.

ROI Factors for Grain from Investment
- Increased Production
- Reduced Labor Cost
- More Effecient Use of Raw Materials
- Improved Turnaround Time
- Decrease in Lost Time Due to Injury
- Shorter Delivery Times
- More Effecient Processes

ROI Factors for Cost of Investment
- Robot
- Robotic Cell Equipment (Conveyor, Machines, etc.)

- Robotic Peripherials (Pedestal, Gantry, Safety Equip., etc.)
- Robotic Controls and Electrical
- Robot Programming
- Robot Training
- Robot Service
- Robot Maintenance