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Robot Programming and Interfaces

Robot programming involves interfacing with the robot through the robot controller. The controller is connected to a laptop, desktop, or network. The computer communicates through interfacing software. The programmer uses the interfacing software to program the robotic motions and sequences. Software is located in the root controller of the robot, on the programming computer, or both.

Robots can also be programmed through the use of a handheld control or programming unit. The handheld unit is often called a teach pendant. The teach pendant allows the user to manually send position coordinates or adjust a position. The unit can also change speeds, test new routines, and function as an emergency stop.

Another process used by many robot manufactures to program robots would be the lead-by-the-nose technique. This technique is a manual process where the robot is manually (physically moving the robot) positioning the robot along a desired path of operation. Robotic painting uses this technique to teach the robot to paint new parts.

(human machine interface device) are often used to control the robot. They are typically used to change programs and make minor adjustments HMI's use easy to read touch screen units to interact with the robot.

Robot programming involves inputing a series of positions into memory, moving to the desired position at various times during the programmed sequence, and seting the desired perimeters of operation.

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