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Robotic Palletizing and De-Palletizing

Innovative Conveyor Concepts Inc. provide complete robotic palletizing cells.

ICC robotic palletizing lines include case palletizing, bag palletizing, tray palletizing, tote palletizing, carton palletizing, frozen food palletizing,etc. ICC also provides de-palletizing systems and a complete line of material handling equipment.

Most robotic palletizing cells use articulated robots to palletize case, carton, bags, boxes, pouches, pails, totes, frozen foods, and containers. These robotic units usually consist of 4 to 6 axis robots.

Robotic palletizing increases productivity while reducing labor cost. The ROI on robotic palletizing can be very quick ranging for 6 months to 2-1/2 years depending on the robot used and the labor reduction.

Robotic palletizing and de-palletizing systems can be designed to handle a wide variety of products and product sizes. ICC sales engineers and programmers can design a system to meet specific perimeters and objectives.