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Robotic Packaging

Packaging Robot

Innovative Conveyor Concepts Inc. does all types of robotic packaging including case packaging, tray packaging, food packaging, bottle packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, variety packaging, pick and place, etc... A packaging robot can greatly improve production with greater speed and reliability.


All Types of robots can be used in packaging operations depending on the rate/cycle time and the product specifications. Parallel and SCARA robots might be the best choice for high speed packaging and sortation but an articulated robot might be a better choice for packaging larger products.

ICC can also provide the customer with other packaging equipment including, case packers, case tapers, case sealers, case erectors, filling machines, baggers, labelers, etc. ICC can do complete turn-key systems for pack cells and packaging lines. We also provide conveyor and material handling products.


ICC turn-key projects usually includes concept drawings, sales quotes, approval drawings, financial terms, electrical and controls options, end effector testing and design, programming, installation, customer service, maintenance and programming training, off-site and on-site emergency service, maintenance plans, etc. We are a complete robot integrator with the ability to do in-house testing of end-effectors, rates, packaging processes, and we can demonstrate our findings by video or a live demo.