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Robot Components

Robots consist of five important components: robotic arm, robotic controller, robotic drive, robotic end effector, and robotic sensors.

The robotic arm is a jointed mechanical device capable of performing human-like movements. Robot arms are equipped with end effectors and tooling to accomplished the desired objective.

The robotic controller is the brains of the robotic system which controls the robot's movements. The controller is programmed to perform the desired operation. An input device is used to interface with the robot controller.

The robotic drive is usually driven by a special type motor designed to operate with precision through the use of feedback. These drives are called servo drives.

The robotic end effector is the device at the end of the robotic arm. The end effector is designed to interact with the environment to perform the specified tack.

The robotic sensors are what gives the controller feedback so the robot can perform certain task. The sensor may be a vision systems which identifies the desired parts location. Different sensors are used with different applications to aid the robot in optimal performance.