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Articulated Robots

Articulated robots are robots with rotary joints. These rotating joints give the robot its mobility. This type of robot can range from a simple two-joint robot to complex 10 joint robots. The more joints an articulated robot has the greater the range of motion.

The cost of a robot is inexpensive in comparison to the overall cost of integration. ICC can substantially reduce the total cost of a robotic automation project. We can reduce client cost by using in-house programming, electrical and mechanical installation, service, end effector manufacturing, etc.

The word articulated means jointed. So, a non-articulated robot would not have joints. Joints are often refereed to as axes.

Articulated robots are used in many different applications including: welding, painting, assembly, packaging, palletizing, depalletizing, machine tending, sealing, glueing, cutting, cleaning, deburring, die casting, grinding, polishing, material handling, case packing, pick and place, pre-machining, press brake tending, etc. An articulated robot can be a versitle alternative to traditional means of production.

Articulated robots have some advantages over other types of robots. Articulated robots have a wide variety of payload capacities. Other types of robots cannot handle the range of payloads the articulated robots are designed to handle. The working envelope is also greater with the articulated robot than parrallel or SCARA robots. SCARA and parrallel robots maybe faster and have some advantages in small work envelopes but articulated robots are a reliable robotic alternative for many industrial robotic applications.


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