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In-House Robotic Cells

Innovative Conveyor Concepts Inc. has a new in-house customer test station for testing end effectors and tooling, robotic programming, material handling integration, product testing, customer demonstrations, training, robotic simulation, etc....learn more about ICC in-house test station and how to see a demo

Robot - In-House Robotic Palletizing and Robot Packaging Test Station

In-House Customer Test Station

Lower Cost, Better ROI, Superior Customer Care, Experienced Integrators

A robot can be a cost effective means of accomplishing production objectives.

The cost of a robot is inexpensive in comparison to the overall cost of integration. ICC can substantially reduce the total cost of a robotic automation project. We can reduce client cost by using in-house programming, electrical and mechanical installation, service, end effector manufacturing, etc.

Manufactures and other integrators cannot compete with ICC's total project cost or complete dedication to our clients.... learn more about ICC integration, quick roi, cost factors, and investment

Other Robot Applications

Assembly Robots
Welding Robots
Machine Tending Robots
Painting, Glueing, Coating Robots

Multi Robot Welding System Wash Down Painting System
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