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Robotic Food Packaging

Innovative Conveyor Concepts- food packaging robot

ICC offers a variety of options for food packaging. Parallel robots, like the one above, are a great choice for food packaging and food packing. Other types of robots are also used. A popular choice is a SCARA robot designed specifically for food processing. Many robots come built for wash-down applications. Robots are taking the place of hard packaging and hand packaging operations. Robots offer flexibility in a changing marketplace.

Innovative Conveyor Concepts- Food Packaging Robot

Articulated food processing robots are offered with a clean design which allows no food particle retention for superior bacteria growth resistance. Special coatings and seals allow for caustic food grade cleaners and acids to be used in the cleaning process.

Innovative Conveyor Concepts, Inc.- Batch Cooker Innovative Conveyor Concepts- Batch Cooker

ICC provides a complete line of food processing equipment and food processing integration including thermal cookers, mixers, smokers, massagers, marinaters, stainless steel conveyor, surge hoppers, augers, dumpers, pump feeders, ovens, freezers, etc.

ICC also carries a complete of spiral conveyor and elevators for cooling racks, accumulation, elevation chages, buffers, etc. Spiral conveyor save space and increase production. Spiral food grade conveyor are availabe with washdown capabilites.

ICC has a complete line of stainless steel food grade conveyor systems. These stainless steel systems can be washdown systems with plastic or wire mesh belting. Plastic belting can be either mattop or flat top belting designed for food contact. ICC can also provide belting for non-food contact systems. Some food applications may be able to use mild steel conveyor based on FDA requirements.

Innovative Conveyor Concepts, Inc.- Robotic Food Packaging SolutionsInnovative Conveyor Concepts, Inc.

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