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Robotic Case Palletizing

Innovative Conveyor Concepts case palletizing utilizes 4 to 6 axis articulated robots and wide variety of standard and custom end effectors to palletize cases.


Case palletizers use vacuum case grippers, pneumatic grippers, fork grippers, or paddle grippers to secure the load. Gripper choice is based on rate, load, size, environmental conditions, etc.

Paddle Case Grippers
Innovative Conveyor Concepts, Inc. Robotic Palletizing Solutions, Paddle Case Grippers

Fork Case Gripper
Innovative Conveyor Concepts, Inc. Robotic Palletizing Solutions, Fork Case Gripper

Vacuum Case Gripper
Innovative Conveyor Concepts, Inc. Robotic Palletizing Solutions, Vacuum Case Gripper

Robotic case palletizing are fast, flexible, and economic alternatives to traditional case palletizing machines. Traditional palletizing units usually require costly accumulation lines and a full product load before palletizing. Robotic palletizing lines can build pallets as the cases come down the line which eliminates the need for large accumulation lines or full product loads.

Traditional robotic palletizing lines are also very difficult and expensive to change case specifications. Robotic case palletizing is flexible and can handle a wide variety of product specifications. Robotic case packers can even change from case palletizing to bag palletizing by changing the end of arm tooling.

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