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Robotic Case Packaging

ICC Case Handling Robotic System

ICC offers a variety of options for case packaging. Case packaging robots can be either vertical or horizontal loading systems based on product specifications. All types of case can be loaded including standard and custom corrugated boxes, plastic cases, crates, totes, wood and steel cases, packaging tubes, etc.

The typical robot method used in case packing involves a product conveyor used to arrange a row of product which corresponds to the product case requirements. It may also involve a case errector and a seperate case conveyor. A gripper or end effector secures the product through the use of vaccum or a mechanical device using the action of cylinders. Sometimes grippers use both mechanical pivoting grippers and vaccum cups. The flaps on the case must be opened and the case must be square. A squaring device is used when necessary to ensure proper alignment and packing. The case is often tilted by may be loaded vertically or horizonally according to product specs. The first row of the engaged product is then transported to the box in an effecient and safe manner. The process continues until the case is filled and inspected. The robot then communicates with the conveyor and the case is moved by the conveyor. An alternative is to allow the robot to move the case but this decreases the robot effeciency. The case packing then begins again with another case.

ICC Robot Handling System

ICC can also incorporate case inspection, labeling, sortation, sealing, coding, distribution, conveying, palletizing, etc. ICC can integrate a complete robotic pack station to fit specific packaging needs.

ICC Case Erector System ICC Stretch Wrapper ICC Shrink Tunnel ICC Shrink Wrapper

ICC also offers non robotic case packing, case sealers, case tapers, case erectors, case packaging material and film, etc. .


ICC also offers drop packers, lateral case packers, hand packers, combination case packing and case erecting, top loading case packers, and many other type of mechanical casen packers.

ICC can case pack a variety of boxes and trays including, wrap boxes, eco wrap boxes, simple trays, shoulder trays, SRP trays, tray and lid, etc.

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